Northeastern Media mobile billboard service in Pennsylvania

If you or your company is looking for a mobile advertising company for a campaign in Pennsylvania, you’ll quickly see that the marketplace is full of mobile billboard companies that look much the same. They have the same trucks, same ideas on how to work a mobile billboard campaign, and the same features and benefits.

Take a look at Northeastern Media, and you’ll see that we are different. Much different.

Firstly, our value-added features give you more control, and information than any other mobile billboard company offers. We begin a campaign on paper (rather, computer screen), well before our wheels ever hit the pavement in your target markets. Northeastern Media does comprehensive research into each market’s traffic flow, and count. We then accurately consrtuct your campaign’s ideal routes of travel through each area.

If you need your signs to be designed, we can either work with your graphic talent, or you can take advantage of our industry-exclusive complimentary graphic design services. Either way, your signs will be designed specifically for the demands of mobile billboard advertising.

The trucks that Northeastern Media uses are not the typical “sign on wheels” that are so common in the industry. We operate state-of-the-art tri-vision units, which engage the viewer and keep thier attention. They are fully lighted for nighttime use, and are tracked in real time to allow our clients to see our every movement.

To learn more, visit, or call 330-861-3684 to speak with us directly, or request a media kit.

Whether you need a state-wide campaign in Pennsylvania, or are interested in a targeted campaign in cities such as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, or Erie, Northeastern Media has the talent, and the know-how to make your campaign a success.

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