Northeastern Media mobile billboard trucks to the Chicago Metro area

When selecting a mobile billboard company for your next outdoor media purchase, consider these points before you sign on the dotted line:

  • Do they offer planning and mapping services to plan the campaign’s routes with accuracy and precision?
  • Do they offer DEC data for each market in your campaign?
  • If you lack in-house graphic design talent, do they offer complimentary graphic design services for your signs?
  • Do they have experience in the industry working campaigns larger than just one unit?
  • Is real-time GPS tracking data available to you at any time?

If you answered no to, or don’t know the answers to the above questions, maybe you should think twice about working with that company.

If you choose to work with Northeastern Media, you will be able to answer “Yes” to all of the above questions. You will also be using a mobile billboard company that uses state-of-the-art tri-image mobile billboard trucks, guaranteeing that your target audience will have your message delivered to them in a way that is eye-catching, entertaining, captivating, and effective.

To learn more, visit, or call 330-861-3684. To request a media kit, please email

Whether you are planning a state-wide mobile billboard truck campaign in Illinois, or a targeted campaign in Champaign-Urbana, Chicago, Moline, Peoria, Rockford, or any other town in Illinois, Northeastern Media has the capability, and the know-how to make it something spectacular.

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