Mobile billboard service in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana has all the right features that makes it an ideal city for a mobile billboard campaign by Northeastern Media. Firstly, the downtown area is intelligently laid out. The roads are generally arranged in a grid, the sidewalks are wide and afford a good view of the road. Downtown Indianapolis is alive, and well with national chains, as well as local shops and restaurants coexisting side-by-side.

Northeastern Media has also performed mobile billboard services at one of the biggest events in the world, The Indianapolis 500 race. At this amazing event, hundreds of thousands of people flock to the Indianapolis area to watch the race, party with their friends, and enjoy the summertime. With our precision route planning services, and GPS-tracked mobile billboards, we are able to provide our customers with verifyable, precise outdoor marketing to any city or event in the country.

To learn more, go to and view our mobile billboard trucks in operation. You may also call us at 330-861-3684 to speak with us directly, or email us at to request a media kit.


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